The STEM Subscription Box for Tomorrow's Leaders. 

Differentiated projects and activities for kids 6-16+

How It Works

1. Choose a Box

Our projects were teacher-designed to be suitable for children of all  ages. For best results, pick the box that matches your child’s grade  level. 

2. Watch and Learn

Free step-by-step instructional videos are available for each month’s  projects. Fun and engaging video clips are also available to reinforce  all the major STEM concepts. 

3. Build Something Great!

From roller coasters to robots, our kits are truly hands-on! Each month brings a new project for kids to build from scratch. 

What's inside the box?

We’re so glad you asked! Each box centers around a different STEM concept, and is jam-packed with all the materials kids need to build or test their own terrific and scientific creation! To the left is last month's box: lenses. It includes a functional model eye, instructional booklet, collectible poster, a cell phone lens kit, a magnifying glass, and of course some themed goodies thrown in!


What people say about Science Unboxed:

Cool projects that we do together- and reduces screen time? Yes please! I've needed this box and didn't even know it...

Blake M., Parent - Austin, TX

This is just a really great idea! Kids need to encounter STEM in a fun and engaging way, not just as a new curriculum we're pushing

Lisa W., Teacher - Los Angeles, CA

Every month I get a wonderful assortment of activities that my daughters just love. Thank you Science Unboxed!

Rena S., Parent - Los Angeles, CA